10 Ways to Make Sure Your House is Warm in the Winter

Seasons Come and Go The seasonal clock keeps ticking and turning. The spring gives say to summer and now the fall has stepped aside for winter. The cold has arrived and adjustments will be necessary. You can move the thermostat the opposite way from the summer setting and your HVAC system will respond. Just to [...]

Reasons Why HVAC Spring Cleaning is Important

Cleaning Helps Prevent Repair Issues There are reasons why doing some spring cleaning around your HVAC system will pay off in the end. It’s a system that has operating parts inside the house and operating parts outside the house. Each requires cleaning, lubrication, tightening up, replacement of belts and hoses, and a once over with [...]

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How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace When it Repeatedly Cycles On and Off

Cycling On and Off Sometimes a furnace will cycle on and off too many times during an hour and it will be necessary to know how to troubleshoot your furnace when it repeatedly cycles on and off.  If you have discovered your furnace turning on and off too many times, don't stress at first. The [...]

Furnace and Heating Issues that Demand Attention

It started to get cold, winter appeared, and you turned the thermostat the other way. Instead of going down in temperature, you're moving the numbers up a little bit. The heating system is turning on and sometimes things don't sound, smell or feel right. What to do? If furnace and heating system repair and maintenance [...]

Home Inspection of Your Water Heater Can Save You Money

An Inspection Guideline This inspection guide will cover and explain the three most often used methods of installation for water heaters, such as, Natural draft, tank, and gas water heaters installed using galvanized steel vent piping. Electric water heaters. Gas, tank and power vent equipped water heaters using PVC vent pipe. It is recommended you [...]

This Old House, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Review-Chapter Eleven

HVAC The final chapter of “This Old House, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning” concerns itself with the use of HVAC systems in homes. An explanation of HVAC is offered and the many types of HVAC systems are discussed. Evaporative coolers are also discussed with recommendations given for installation types. Heat pumps are explained and how [...]

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