Everything You Need to Know About Air to Air Heat Pumps! (Finally)

Heat Pumps An air to air heat pump is a mechanical device that moves heat from an evaporator to a condenser in either residential or commercial applications. This system can be reversed by the use of a reversing valve which allows for a space to either be heated or cooled. Heat pumps are efficient distributors [...]

Understanding Sound and Noise

Noise   Noises are sound. In the field of HVAC, sounds and noises are common. They are usually indicators of some kind of dysfunction in the system that will require either maintenance, redesign, or repair. A clear understanding of the physics of sound/noise is needed to see exactly what it is and what it means [...]

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What’s That Noise?

Noise   There are many sounds we hear in any given day. We hear in terms of decibels and this is further defined by amplitude, impact, frequency and duration. Some sounds are quick and immediately absorbed by the surrounding air and objects in that air space. Other sounds linger from a distance or become louder [...]

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