HVAC True or False Questions to Help You Think

Remember when the teacher gave you an exam in school? The exam might have a true/false section, a multiple choice section or just consist of an essay question. Here are some true/false questions related to HVAC that will test your knowledge and upgrade it at the same time! Directions: Please answer true or false for [...]

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HVAC and the Use of Electricity in America

Energy Expenditure Everyone understands the issue at hand. Heating and air conditioning use a great deal of electricity. If you use your HVAC system for any length of time, you know this. Every month when the bill comes from the energy supplier, you understand all over again how much you are spending on energy. This [...]

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This Old House, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Review-Chapter Eleven

HVAC The final chapter of “This Old House, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning” concerns itself with the use of HVAC systems in homes. An explanation of HVAC is offered and the many types of HVAC systems are discussed. Evaporative coolers are also discussed with recommendations given for installation types. Heat pumps are explained and how [...]

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At Last, the Uses of Water Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Action Water cooling towers are used in commercial and residential applications to cool the water used in HVAC and refrigeration systems. Large volumes of water are used to keep condensers at right temperatures for a cooling effect. Tap water is used in these systems and instead of sending the water into a sewer [...]

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What Everyone Is Saying About Gas Fired Forced Air Heating

Heating Process Gas fired, forced air heating systems use a fuel source that is kept under constant low pressure being fed to a burner. There is a blower that forces air through the heat exchanger, to the ductwork, then to the heat registers located throughout the structure. The type of burner is either an electric [...]

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating Gas Fired Gravity Heating System Heating and air conditioning systems include this type of heating that uses propane, LP gas, artificial gas and natural gas as the fuel source. The fuel is controlled by a pressure regulator that allows the gas to be sent to the burner. The fuel is kept under low pressure [...]

Troubleshooting Your HVAC System

A Technician's Standard Procedure General Troubleshooting Procedure Essentially, a technician is a well trained person called upon to engage his/her knowledge of the product, certain principles of engineering and design, experience, and just plain old practical application. A technician worth his salt will be able to successfully combine abstract principles with hard application at the [...]

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Five Types of Compressors

Types of Compresssors There are five basic types of compressors used in the HVAC industry. These types vary in method, utility, function, and purpose. They are: Centrifugal Rotary Scroll Screw Reciprocating Factors for Consideration Residential The type of compressor needed is based on the application needed and the space being conditioned. Factors to consider are [...]

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