Facts About Furnace TuneUps

Furnace Season Winter has come and it is time to turn on the furnace. Those first few minutes of operation are crucial in understanding if your furnace is ready for the season. Most homeowners wait until a hint of cold is in the air to turn on the heaters or furnace. This is not the [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on the Electric Bill

Saving Money Who doesn't want to save money? Here are 40 things you can do to your home to make that payment to your service provider a little easier. Energy Audit Local HVAC companies, your service provider and independent companies will provide this service. They can inspect your home and pinpoint the areas where something [...]

Furnace and Heating Issues that Demand Attention

It started to get cold, winter appeared, and you turned the thermostat the other way. Instead of going down in temperature, you're moving the numbers up a little bit. The heating system is turning on and sometimes things don't sound, smell or feel right. What to do? If furnace and heating system repair and maintenance [...]

What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning Definition From the time of the Egyptians right up to the present, mankind has created ways in the area of air conditioning to make his experience here more pleasant or at least tolerable. The dry sands of deserts, the high elevations of mountains, and the humid conditions of jungles have produced processes and [...]

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