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Super HVAC Tips for Your Sunroom

When family and friends come over, it is always nice to sit in the sunroom. Many family memories have been made with glasses of tea in the summer sitting in a sunroom or the front porch. 

The whole situation began when folks would migrate from the dinner table and want to feel the cool evening air coming on after a long, hot day. It was nice to get out of the house, but also be shielded from wind and bugs.

Screened-in porches became the rage back in the 1940s-50s-60s. Porches had removable windows installed and screens were called for to keep out unwanted night flyers. People started enclosing their patios and the family began to spend more time outside the home.

From this early development, elaborate architectural designs have flourished. Present day sunrooms can be installed in as little as two days and outfitted with the latest “smart” technologies. There are many options available to those who are looking for super HVAC tips for your sunroom!

Factors to Consider

When thinking about your sunroom and how you are going to control the heating and cooling in it, you will want to consider

  • the type of sunroom you want

  • the size of the room

  • the location of the room

  • the cost to heat and cool the room

  • the purpose of the sunroom

  • and any personal preferences you want to include

Extend Your HVAC System

One way to provide heating and cooling to a sunroom is to extend the ductwork that is already present in your home. Extended the ductwork will allow you to include the sunroom with the rest of the HVAC system. This would mean your entire home, including the sunroom would be held at the same temperature. You will want to involve an HVAC provider to determine if your present system can handle the extra work load the sunroom might place on it.

Separate Thermostat

You could also install a separate thermostat for the sunroom. This would allow you to adjust the temperature in just the sunroom when you are using it. This would also not include the sunroom in the overall cost of energy if, for instance you did not use the sunroom during parts of the year.

Ductless Mini Split

Another possibility is the installation of a ductless mini split system. These systems can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can be used for both heating and cooling of the sunroom. They are easy to install and can be an aesthetically pleasing addition.

Portable Units

Portable heating and cooling units are also an option. They can be stationed in one place in the room or rolled around for positioning. They are a good choice for any space up to 500sq. ft. and have multiple features. They can be a heater, dehumidifier, air circulator, and an air cooler. They use a window venting kit and can be remotely controlled.

Ceiling Fans

Overhead fans are a good choice to keep the warm or cold air circulating. They also allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal. If the outside temperature is not that extreme, you can also just use the ceiling fan and no HVAC system at all to achieve the level of comfort you desire.