It May Be Time To Replace Your Furnace

You want to keep your home heated as efficiently as you can. To do this, you need a well-functioning and well-maintained furnace. Furnaces can last as much as 20 years and this is a long lifespan for something that is a combination of electrical and mechanical parts. However, it is possible a furnace can decrease in effectiveness over the years and cause you to spend more than is necessary for fuel or some other sort of energy.

It is important to perform routine maintenance procedures and if you have decided to incorporate the use of a yearly service contract, you will have even less headaches over time. It is necessary to say that if maintenance is not done, then your furnace will demonstrate significant breakdowns and inefficiency. It is at this point, that repairs may not be as effective as a total replacement of your furnace. Here are some symptoms to look for if you are sensing you may need to replace your furnace.

Temperature Fluctuations

Furnaces are designed to provide adequate heat to all areas of the house. However, when the furnace starts to go, you may begin to feel like some rooms are colder or hotter than others. The beginning repair for these uneven temperatures may be simple. However, if after these repairs the issue returns, then you have to begin understanding that your furnace is past its prime and needs replacing.

Energy Cost

If you notice an increase in your monthly expenditure for your energy source, then that is an indication that your unit is cycling on more times than is really necessary for the space and is also not as effective in heating the space as it once was. When your furnace is not operating at peak levels, it has to work harder to do the same thing it was doing years ago. To achieve the called for temperature takes longer cycles on and this will drive up the bill.

Although an investment in a new furnace can be significant, the payoff is better over the long run. If you upgrade to a newer furnace with the latest technology, then you will begin to see savings and an increase in the effectiveness of your heating system.

It is a challenge to replace anything in a home. Making a buying decision involves the consideration of cost, effectiveness for your unique living space, manufacturer’s warranties, and the technology involved. Professional HVAC installers can provide you the information you need to make good decisions. Your living space can be evaluated and appropriate sizing and performance levels determined. When this assessment is accomplished, you can then rest easy knowing the unit is the right choice and the cold will be kept away one more season.