An HVAC Christmas

Creative HVAC Gift Giving at Christmas

It’s the time of year when gift giving becomes a science trying to sort out what you got them last year and what they would enjoy this year. Relatives, friends, acquaintances, employees, and bosses will all require our attention. Here are some ideas related to HVAC gift giving that might help complete your list.

Wifi Thermostat

A wifi thermostat is an excellent choice for the tech geek in your circle of family or friends. More and more people are looking to simplify their lives with recently created applications on their phones and computers. The HVAC industry is responding to this trend by creating “smart technologies” that control home and business environments from afar.

A wifi thermostat makes use of the internet, which means a person can access their home/business environmental data from anywhere they have a wifi connection. Alterations to that environment can be made remotely to accommodate schedule changes, changes in the weather, and guests that may be arriving who have different comfort expectations.

If you have a single parent or just a very busy parent in your family, then they might appreciate having a piece of technology such as a wifi thermostat to manage their home. If they have to pick up the kids after work or drop somebody off at the doctor, then being able to make the home comfortable before arriving would be a good gift at Christmas.

If your circle of friends includes an environmentally sensitive person who is looks for ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, then a wifi thermostat would fit right into their idea of a good gift. Many wifi thermostats are tested and certified by Energy Star and can significantly reduce the total monthly use of energy.

Inspection, Maintenance, and Tune Up

It may seem very different for you to think that a purchased maintenance visit from a local HVAC company is a good gift at Christmas. But consider the gift of a maintenance and service call.

You may have a loved one that lives alone or is retired from the regular work force. You may also have friends and family who have been injured or unfortunately suffering from some kind of physical ailment or disease. Medical bills, decreased social contact, and general decline costs the elderly and infirm a great deal of money these days.

It is important they are able to live in a home that is adequately warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Extreme variances in temperature can directly impact their level of well being and the state of their health.

A maintenance visit can lower their bill. Having their HVAC system inspected and kept at peak performance levels can directly lower their monthly expenditure on electricity. Also, one of the things done during a routine HVAC inspection is look at the air filters. Replacing the filters and helping home bound people to breathe easier is an excellent gift at Christmas.

Giving the gift of an HVAC service and maintenance call can give everyone involved peace of mind and protect your loved ones from the possible breakdown of their HVAC system at crucial times.

Gift Certificates

If you can’t decide on what to get them, give them a gift card from your local HVAC provider or an independent distributor of savings coupons. With a gift card, they can contact the company themselves and talk about any HVAC issues they may have. They can schedule a service call based on their own availability.

Online HVAC gift cards can be redeemed for the discount they offer. Some companies offer customizable gift cards that can also be redeemed for money. They can be downloaded and printed off at home. The recipient of the discount coupon or gift card may choose to have the money sent to them via online payment methods such as PayPal or they may spend the gift at the company supplying the gift card. Either way, it is a good gift for anyone looking to save money.