Making the South Bearable With a Room Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier A room dehumidifier is a modern appliance that extracts moisture or relative humidity from the air. The water is also known as condensate and is not suitable for drinking. Room dehumidifiers vary in size and area of coverage. They may be small, desktop units or large commercial products that dehumidify entire houses or buildings. [...]

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If You Read One Article About Gas Fired Hydronic Heating, Read This One!

Gas Fired The “gas fired” part of this type of heating is very clear. This type of heating system burns fuel sources that are kept under constant low pressure. There is an installed pressure regulator that keeps the pressure at a constant. Hydronics The field of hydronics is an area that transfers heat through a [...]

Photocatalytic Oxidation Process (PCO)

Photocatalytic Oxidation Defined Photocatalytic oxidation is an advanced chemical process whereby atmospheric contaminants can be cleaned, suppressed, or eradicated using ultraviolet and photon energy that activates a catalyst. Volatile organic compounds, bacteria, mold, and other organic matter are limited or destroyed by photon and ultraviolet light interacting with other elements. Light Energy [...]

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