Who Else Wants to Know About the Four Physical States of Matter?

Physical States Explained   Within the laws and principles of physics are the definitions of the four physical states of matter. These states may be observed and are based on the differences in the properties of matter. The four primary states of matter are liquids, gases, solids, and plasma. These are made up of molecules [...]

Here’s How to Understand the Concept of Pressure

Pressure Defined Pressure is defined as the force per unit area. Amounts of pressure are expressed in pounds per square inch, in pascals(Pa) and kilopascals(kPa). The pascal(Pa) is a unit determined by the International System of Units(SI). The pound-force per square inch(PSI) is used in the imperial and the US customary system. Pressure may also [...]

Now You Can Really Know Volume Measurement!

Volume Measurement Defined Volume measurement is done with three dimensions in mind. The volume of any object may be determined by multiplying the width by the length by the height. The measurement of volume may also be expressed as the amount of 3-D space encapsulated inside the boundaries of a three-dimensional object. Certain principles and [...]

Learn How the Textbook Defines Area Measurement

Measurement of Area Area measurement takes place in two dimensions which includes its length multiplied by its width. An area is deemed to be a quantity that is a calculation of two dimensions. The area of any shape can be determined by an assessment of its shape compared to squares of a fixed size. The [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Linear Measurements

Measurements of Length Linear measurements take place in one dimension and are absolute. Measurements are based on units of length. These lengths are pre-established and are constant. In America, lengths for measurement are established by the United States system. These originated from English units which were taken from the Roman and Anglo-Saxon era. From [...]

Temperature Conversion and You!

Conversion of Temperature Readings Temperature conversion is required in the HVAC field and technicians are expected to know how to use them. Manufacturers who make products for HVAC are in several different countries all around the world. Each of these countries will have their own preferred mathematical calculations and conversion metrics. Temperature conversion is a [...]

Your Boss Wants You to Know This:Temperature

Temperature Defined Temperature measures the intensity of heat to be found in one molecule of a substance. According to molecular theory as it relates to heat, temperature actually shows the speed of motion of molecules being affected by a force upon it. Molecules are made up of atoms. These atoms have mobility. The speed at [...]

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Understanding Sound and Noise

Noise   Noises are sound. In the field of HVAC, sounds and noises are common. They are usually indicators of some kind of dysfunction in the system that will require either maintenance, redesign, or repair. A clear understanding of the physics of sound/noise is needed to see exactly what it is and what it means [...]

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