HVAC True or False Questions to Help You Think

Remember when the teacher gave you an exam in school? The exam might have a true/false section, a multiple choice section or just consist of an essay question. Here are some true/false questions related to HVAC that will test your knowledge and upgrade it at the same time! Directions: Please answer true or false for [...]

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My Air Conditioner is Frozen!

Shock! You are a responsible homeowner, but you walk outside one day and you have to admit to yourself, "My air conditioner is frozen!"  How can it be? It’s the middle of June and you have an ice buildup.  Don’t worry. It could be a simple fix and with a little more troubleshooting, we can [...]

How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace When it Repeatedly Cycles On and Off

Cycling On and Off Sometimes a furnace will cycle on and off too many times during an hour and it will be necessary to know how to troubleshoot your furnace when it repeatedly cycles on and off.  If you have discovered your furnace turning on and off too many times, don't stress at first. The [...]

Things You Can Teach Your Son About Steam Jet Cooling

Steam Jet Cooling Functioning Steam jet cooling calls for the use of high pressure steam that will cool water. This type of cooling is used in industry because cooling processes are very costly. The use of water as the coolant is highly efficient and less costly. In this system, steam is sent through a vacuum [...]

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At Last, the Uses of Water Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Action Water cooling towers are used in commercial and residential applications to cool the water used in HVAC and refrigeration systems. Large volumes of water are used to keep condensers at right temperatures for a cooling effect. Tap water is used in these systems and instead of sending the water into a sewer [...]

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You Too Can Understand Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative Condensers Explained   Evaporative condensers cool vapors that occur in the HVAC cycle. Involved in the process are a condenser, drier, receiver, expansion valve and an evaporator. Compressed refrigerant vapor is sent to the evaporative condenser to be cooled back into a liquid. Water is piped to a holding tank that uses a float [...]

Making the South Bearable With a Room Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier A room dehumidifier is a modern appliance that extracts moisture or relative humidity from the air. The water is also known as condensate and is not suitable for drinking. Room dehumidifiers vary in size and area of coverage. They may be small, desktop units or large commercial products that dehumidify entire houses or buildings. [...]

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5 Known Configurations for Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Geothermal Systems that use water or the ground and the thermal heat attached to them are called geothermal heat systems. Essentially it is heat pulled from the ground or the various elements of the ground such as soil, rocks, and water. These kinds of systems are also named ground source heat pump systems. These systems [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Air to Air Heat Pumps! (Finally)

Heat Pumps An air to air heat pump is a mechanical device that moves heat from an evaporator to a condenser in either residential or commercial applications. This system can be reversed by the use of a reversing valve which allows for a space to either be heated or cooled. Heat pumps are efficient distributors [...]

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