Questions to Ask Before You Hire an HVAC Provider

There is never a circumstance where it is wrong to ask a question. Sincere inquiry is how we learn and how we keep ourselves out of a great deal of trouble. If you are building a new home, remodeling or installing an HVAC system, you will be calling on your local HVAC provider. No doubt, [...]

Essential Things to Know About NATE

The NATE Organization The North American Technician Excellence organization is our countries largest certifying entity for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. For 20 years, NATE has offered guidelines, continuing education, tests, and government influence making technicians better and the job they do easier. It’s headquarters is in Arlington, VA, but it’s influence [...]

How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace When it Repeatedly Cycles On and Off

Cycling On and Off Sometimes a furnace will cycle on and off too many times during an hour and it will be necessary to know how to troubleshoot your furnace when it repeatedly cycles on and off.  If you have discovered your furnace turning on and off too many times, don't stress at first. The [...]

Types of HVAC/R Hand Tools That Keep You Employed

Hand Tools Technicians working in the field of HVAC/R perform a variety of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and refrigerating procedures that require a variety of HVAC/R hand tools. These tools are integral to the success of the procedure. Good tools are recommended and they must be maintained at optimum performance levels. Wrenches Wrenches are one of [...]

Did You Ever Wonder About Flared Tube Fittings?

Flared Fittings Flared tube fittings are used when a connection is needed in tubing. There are a variety of flared fittings on the market and the ones most often used in HVAC/R are forged. The size of the threads in these fittings will be determined by either National Fine(NF) or National Pipe(NP). They are made [...]

Flared Connections

HVAC/R Tubing Flared Connections The most common connection used in connecting tubing to fittings is the flare connection. Flared connections are accomplished with a set of tools and lubricants, if needed. This type of connection is a compression fitting process usually done with soft steel, copper or aluminum. Flared connections are classified as a cold [...]

4 Kinds of Copper Tubing and Fittings

Tubing and Fittings in HVACR The copper tubing and fittings used in air conditioning and refrigeration are designed and processed for HVACR and are often charged with nitrogen. The nitrogen keeps the tubing clean and dry preventing the onset of oxidation/corrosion. This type of tubing is used for hot and cold water supplies and the refrigerant [...]

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating Gas Fired Gravity Heating System Heating and air conditioning systems include this type of heating that uses propane, LP gas, artificial gas and natural gas as the fuel source. The fuel is controlled by a pressure regulator that allows the gas to be sent to the burner. The fuel is kept under low pressure [...]

What’s That Noise?

Noise   There are many sounds we hear in any given day. We hear in terms of decibels and this is further defined by amplitude, impact, frequency and duration. Some sounds are quick and immediately absorbed by the surrounding air and objects in that air space. Other sounds linger from a distance or become louder [...]

Getting Smart With Hermetic Electric Motors

Hermetic Motors Motors can be external or internal(Hermetic). If the motor and compressor are located inside a housing or dome, it is labeled as a hermetic electric motor. To be classified as hermetic, the encasement surrounding the internal operations of a system must be airtight not allowing the flow of air from inside to outside. [...]

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