What No One Tells You About Wet Air Filters

Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality is an important thing and having wet air filters is worthy of your attention. Just to let you know, about 77,000 people per month go to the Google search box and enter, “Why is my air filter wet?” In addition, that search engine returns 888,000 entries about that same [...]

Using House Plants to Clean Your Indoor Air is a Big Deal

NASA and Air Quality Back in 1989, NASA got concerned enough with indoor air quality that they conducted a study showing which common house plants could be used to decrease pollutants in air. Over the years, building construction materials have become infiltrated with gases and chemicals that don’t end up being very healthy for humans. [...]

Creative HVAC Gift Giving at Christmas

An HVAC Christmas It's the time of year when gift giving becomes a science trying to sort out what you got them last year and what they would enjoy this year. Relatives, friends, acquaintances, employees, and bosses will all require our attention. Here are some ideas related to HVAC gift giving that might help complete [...]

What Everyone Is Saying About Gas Fired Forced Air Heating

Heating Process Gas fired, forced air heating systems use a fuel source that is kept under constant low pressure being fed to a burner. There is a blower that forces air through the heat exchanger, to the ductwork, then to the heat registers located throughout the structure. The type of burner is either an electric [...]

Essential Things to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) Enhanced building products that have been developed over the last 15 years have greatly increased the quality of homes and buildings in America. The increased ability of insulation to shield from the outside environment, the longevity built into various kinds of building products, and the standarization increases have decreased energy expenditures across [...]

Insane Indoor Air Contaminants That Can Make You Sick

Pollution History The industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries introduced several new forms of production and manufacturing to the American marketplace. As a result of that increase in productivity, environmental decay and deterioration have gradually eroded the natural resources of our country. It also brought a whole new set of indoor air contaminants for [...]

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