Furnace and Heating Issues that Demand Attention

It started to get cold, winter appeared, and you turned the thermostat the other way. Instead of going down in temperature, you're moving the numbers up a little bit. The heating system is turning on and sometimes things don't sound, smell or feel right. What to do? If furnace and heating system repair and maintenance [...]

It May Be Time To Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces You want to keep your home heated as efficiently as you can. To do this, you need a well-functioning and well-maintained furnace. Furnaces can last as much as 20 years and this is a long lifespan for something that is a combination of electrical and mechanical parts. However, it is possible a furnace can [...]

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Saving Money With Preventive Maintenance

HVAC is a very important part of anyone's summer and winter peak season making the secrets to saving money with preventive maintenance highly important. When the temperatures get into the “unbearable” areas, then folks tend to want to find some relief. HVAC systems are made up of carefully synchronized motors, pumps, fans, and electrical components [...]

HVAC and the Use of Electricity in America

Energy Expenditure Everyone understands the issue at hand. Heating and air conditioning use a great deal of electricity. If you use your HVAC system for any length of time, you know this. Every month when the bill comes from the energy supplier, you understand all over again how much you are spending on energy. This [...]

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Home Inspection of Your Water Heater Can Save You Money

An Inspection Guideline This inspection guide will cover and explain the three most often used methods of installation for water heaters, such as, Natural draft, tank, and gas water heaters installed using galvanized steel vent piping. Electric water heaters. Gas, tank and power vent equipped water heaters using PVC vent pipe. It is recommended you [...]

No Nonsense Refrigerant Recovery

     Recovery of Refrigerant Refrigerant Recovery has become necessary due to scientific discoveries that certain chlorofluorocarbons(CFC) are damaging to the ozone layer of earth's atmosphere. Chlorofluorocarbons contain chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. Because of the negative impact on the environment, recent laws have been passed that strictly control the use of refrigerants in the HVAC/R [...]

Types of HVAC/R Hand Tools That Keep You Employed

Hand Tools Technicians working in the field of HVAC/R perform a variety of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and refrigerating procedures that require a variety of HVAC/R hand tools. These tools are integral to the success of the procedure. Good tools are recommended and they must be maintained at optimum performance levels. Wrenches Wrenches are one of [...]

Did You Ever Wonder About Flared Tube Fittings?

Flared Fittings Flared tube fittings are used when a connection is needed in tubing. There are a variety of flared fittings on the market and the ones most often used in HVAC/R are forged. The size of the threads in these fittings will be determined by either National Fine(NF) or National Pipe(NP). They are made [...]

Flared Connections

HVAC/R Tubing Flared Connections The most common connection used in connecting tubing to fittings is the flare connection. Flared connections are accomplished with a set of tools and lubricants, if needed. This type of connection is a compression fitting process usually done with soft steel, copper or aluminum. Flared connections are classified as a cold [...]

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