What School Never Taught You About Oil Fired Forced Air Heating

Source of Fuel In these type heating systems, the source of fuel is oil. This oil is sometimes replaced with a blend that includes biodiesel. This use of biodiesel decreases dependency upon oil reserves and increases fuel consumption efficiency. This heating method is often found in the northeast sections of the United States as they [...]

If You Read One Article About Gas Fired Hydronic Heating, Read This One!

Gas Fired The “gas fired” part of this type of heating is very clear. This type of heating system burns fuel sources that are kept under constant low pressure. There is an installed pressure regulator that keeps the pressure at a constant. Hydronics The field of hydronics is an area that transfers heat through a [...]

What Everyone Is Saying About Gas Fired Forced Air Heating

Heating Process Gas fired, forced air heating systems use a fuel source that is kept under constant low pressure being fed to a burner. There is a blower that forces air through the heat exchanger, to the ductwork, then to the heat registers located throughout the structure. The type of burner is either an electric [...]

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating Gas Fired Gravity Heating System Heating and air conditioning systems include this type of heating that uses propane, LP gas, artificial gas and natural gas as the fuel source. The fuel is controlled by a pressure regulator that allows the gas to be sent to the burner. The fuel is kept under low pressure [...]

Understanding Sound and Noise

Noise   Noises are sound. In the field of HVAC, sounds and noises are common. They are usually indicators of some kind of dysfunction in the system that will require either maintenance, redesign, or repair. A clear understanding of the physics of sound/noise is needed to see exactly what it is and what it means [...]

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What’s That Noise?

Noise   There are many sounds we hear in any given day. We hear in terms of decibels and this is further defined by amplitude, impact, frequency and duration. Some sounds are quick and immediately absorbed by the surrounding air and objects in that air space. Other sounds linger from a distance or become louder [...]

Do You Want to Know What Air Really Is?

Definition of Air Air is something we humans breathe and live within. We understand it to be a part of our natural existence and daily right. Having and inhabiting air is as natural to us as well, breathing. But, what is air? What is its components and how does it act in our atmosphere? Air [...]

Essential Things to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) Enhanced building products that have been developed over the last 15 years have greatly increased the quality of homes and buildings in America. The increased ability of insulation to shield from the outside environment, the longevity built into various kinds of building products, and the standarization increases have decreased energy expenditures across [...]

What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning Definition From the time of the Egyptians right up to the present, mankind has created ways in the area of air conditioning to make his experience here more pleasant or at least tolerable. The dry sands of deserts, the high elevations of mountains, and the humid conditions of jungles have produced processes and [...]

Insane Indoor Air Contaminants That Can Make You Sick

Pollution History The industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries introduced several new forms of production and manufacturing to the American marketplace. As a result of that increase in productivity, environmental decay and deterioration have gradually eroded the natural resources of our country. It also brought a whole new set of indoor air contaminants for [...]

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