Two Reasons Your HVAC Coils Have Frozen

HVAC Units and Seasonal Changes The summer season in Alabama is classified as a sub-tropical environment. Humidity and temperatures are high. People reach for that thermostat on the wall and turn the dial down to condition the air. It is a bit counter-intuitive to think that something could freeze over when it is [...]

Return Air Grill Sizing

Kinds of Grills There are three different ways air is brought into the closed systems present in your home. Vent grills are coverings for vent openings where air is forced into or out of a room. This air is then circulated into either the heating or cooling unit. Heat registers are vent covers that [...]

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Five Things To Know About HVAC

The Structure and Function of An Air Conditioning System Essentially, an air conditioner is a mechanical and electrical technology that removes heat from a space and replaces it with cooled air. The inside air is cooled by forcing it over an evaporator coil. This coil is filled with refrigerant which changes from [...]

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The Top 10 Skills of a Competent HVAC Technician

HVAC Industry Climate With the election of our latest President here in the states, a new vitality has been placed into the HVAC industry. It is perceived by many people at decision making levels that a new era has come to us that will usher in new legislation to control taxation and thereby [...]

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