Photocatalytic Oxidation Process (PCO)

Photocatalytic Oxidation Defined Photocatalytic oxidation is an advanced chemical process whereby atmospheric contaminants can be cleaned, suppressed, or eradicated using ultraviolet and photon energy that activates a catalyst. Volatile organic compounds, bacteria, mold, and other organic matter are limited or destroyed by photon and ultraviolet light interacting with other elements. Light Energy [...]

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HVAC Odors?

Thermodynamics An HVAC system is manufactured with certain standards in mind and are the result of meticulous adherence to national, state, and local guidelines. The system in your home or building is the culmination of years of advancements in the conditioning of air and how to use that air for your convenience. In addition, [...]

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HVAC Engineers: What Do They Do?

HVAC Engineers Within the field of high volume air conditioning there are technicians and engineers. Some of their responsibilities overlap, but the engineers job description and what he or she does for the home or business owner is very precise. In this discussion, the question; HVAC engineers: what do they do will be [...]

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How to Choose an Installer for Your HVAC System

Your HVAC Unit There are many factors that must be decided upon when choosing a high volume air conditioning system for your home or business. This is not an inexpensive product you are deciding to add to the place where you will spend a great deal of time. Tonnage, energy efficiency ratings, features, [...]

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Honeywell Thermostats

Type of Thermostat The industry surrounding the production of thermostats has provided for all the needs and demands of a 21st century home. Thermostats are modern and work in sync with computers, cell phones, and other technologies. They can be a part of a home maintenance system and be included in the security [...]

High Volume Air Conditioning, TED & TEDx Talks, and Plants!

Keeping It Cool and Keeping It Oxygenated! People who live where the temperature is above the normal body temperature of 98.6F have been creating ways to keep themselves cool for centuries. To the person living in hot climates back in previous times, the only way to keep cool was to jump [...]

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High Volume Air Conditioning in the Future

Progress Time marches on and it is relentless. What was new last year is not new anymore. What worked in the area of home and building heating and air conditioning installation in the past is not necessarily what will be happening in the coming years. At Freedom Heating and Cooling, we [...]

High Volume Air Conditioning and Humidity in Alabama

Humidity and HVAC High Volume Air Conditioning cools and allows heat into a space. This we all know. However, a secondary feature of HVAC is its ability to remove significant amounts of humidity from the air. Excessive humidity can change the sense of what you feel is a certain temperature. High [...]

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Heating and Air Conditioning Financing Options

AlabamaWISE Financing AlabamaWISE is a program that will provide a home energy efficiency loan to homeowners who wish to repair or replace the HVAC system, the insulation and other systems. The AlabamaWISE loan differs from other loan instruments in that it does not require an appraisal of a home to qualify. [...]

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